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Virtual Classroom Wellness with Chrissy

 From managing stress, recovering from illness, dealing with the highs and lows of daily life I am always in pursuit of living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to exercise & meditation, I have always searched for safe yet effective cleaning products, skincare products, & nutritional products. In this trial & error pursuit, I have found what has worked for myself, my family, in my studios, & with my friends.  I now enjoy teaching & helping others that look for similar solutions to healthy living.

What is healthy living
with essential oils?

There are so many ways to incorporate essential oils into a healthy lifestyle.  It's really a great way to create and even enhance your health. I personally for myself & my family have found much success with this. Discover how important and even how simple it can be.  All of our body systems must be balanced and healthy to function well.  View the links below how essential oils can impact these systems.

Herbs and Minerals

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