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What Clients Say...

"Chrissy is such a blessing to our family! We feel so lucky to have found her!! Our daughter started working with Chrissy to help improve her overall strength. She has made such great strides! Now, my husband practices Pilates with Chrissy as well! In addition to her vast knowledge of Pilates and muscle function, she has a beautiful talent for engaging, motivating, and pushing her clients to do their best!! Each workout is unique and challenging. Thank you, Chrissy!!​"

"Chrissy is amazing!!! I have been seeing Chrissy for 1:1 sessions for about a year now and love the results. She is very in-tune on how our bodies are meant to function and helps you correct your bodies abnormalities through Pilates.  Chrissy provides the proper motivation to help you through challenging workouts and makes it enjoyable! She also has an immense amount of patience and will demonstrate and walk you through the varies exercises. 10/10 recommend!!!" January 2024

"Chrissy is a phenomenal Pilates instructor! I’ve been with her for 7 years and learn something new about my body every session. She is very knowledgeable and will help you feel better physically and mentally.I first came to her for  help with my prolapse symptoms and noticed within a month they were better. Happy to report that now my symptoms are gone. I feel stronger in my 40s than I did in my 20s. Thanks Chrissy!"  January 2024

"I started with Chrissy in 2018 after I had both of my knees replaced. She retrained my muscles which supported bowed legs for most of my life. My legs are now functional and strong. My skiing form is much better than pre-surgery. My alignment and strength has been restored since working with Chrissy. She knows how to address client individual issues as well as their overall physical well being."  January 2024

"I was referred to Chrissy by a friend. I knew nothing about Pilates at the time, but my friend thought she could help with some ankle problems I was having…we worked on strengthening my foot/ankle and balance to prepare for my inevitable surgery. I was very prepared for surgery itself and am now about to begin the recovery process with Chrissy’s assistance. Along the way, I have learned much about the Pilates exercises and have incorporated them into my daily routine. Core strength is key and as I’ve built that up everything I do physically has become easier and I’ve gained yardage in my golf game. It has truly been a lifestyle changing experience!"   January 2024

"Highly recommend Pilates with Chrissy. I have been a client of hers for almost 20 years. The main reason I love working with Chrissy is her passion for Pilates and diligence to form. She taylors each session to the clients needs. I have issues from sitting all day and the work we have done has elevated my stiffness and increased my mobility."  January 2024


"Chrissy is very passionate about all that she does and takes the time to encourage everyone to rise to their highest potential.  She aids in furthering individual practice and growth; offering alternative exercises, as needed.   I have thoroughly enjoyed the virtual meditation and energy series.  Would recommend both to existing and new clients."  January 2024

"I started practice with Chrissy in 2008. Chrissy’s knowledge is off the charts, she is not only an excellent instructor, but her study of the body allows her to focus in on clients with specific needs.  I’ve been consistent in my practice and can definitely tell a difference when I am not." June 2021

"Chrissy is fantastic, she is patient & a great instructor. She has a deep knowledge of the body & the work, she understands both the how and why movements are done. I have been working with her for 3 years."  June 2021

"With every class, I finish feeling better than I did when I started.  She always finds ways to make class interesting and challenging.  I have been taking classes with Chrissy for 16 years, and I'm always amazed."  June 2021

"Chrissy’s instruction is spot on! I love how she teaches you how to engage the appropriate muscles for each move. I have been coming to her for 10 years. She takes the time to answer any question you have during your instruction AND then at the end she gives you time to dig deeper into things you experienced during the workout."  June 2021


"The instruction is specific to what I need every time I have class in the studio.  She knows how to instruct me to use the muscles that need the most work to get the best workout each class.  I highly recommend her studio."  January 2024

"I loved class.  Thank you for encouraging me.  It was so much harder than I thought it would be. Thank you!" March 2020

"Chrissy is a top-notch instructor who is patient, but she challenges each student to excel at Pilates which keeps their bodies physically fit for everyday tasks." June 2021


"Chrissy does an amazing job of addressing everyone’s specific needs in class. I have been taking her sessions for 12 years.  She is always professional, upbeat and a joy to work with."  June 2021


"I have been doing pilates with Chrissy for many years and I think her instruction is the best! She is very knowledgable & is kind (and professional). I enjoy all her classes.  I highly recommend all of her sessions and classes." April 2020

"I am so glad that you offer your classes now online!  I am still learning much. Plus I get to hear your voice and your cues, it really is helping!" May 2019

"Chrissy helped me realize the benefits of meditation by teaching me the foundation of the practice.  I now understand how easy it is to meditate after following her guided meditation sessions.  I was able to draw on the calmness I felt during meditation, even at other times during my week."  January 2018

"I realize I am more centered and focused in everything I do". ... It (meditation) encourages me to really live a healthy lifestyle." August 2018

"Chrissy has helped me correct my body imbalances with her instruction. I have been with her instruction for 4 years. She has a wide range of knowledge and can help with many issues. Pilates has transformed my body and made me stronger.  I highly recommend her virtual classes!" June 2021

"Such a great class! Thank you for doing these Virtual classes!" March 28 2020

"Great class... thanks! Feeling much better!" March 25, 2020

"Chrissy's classes are tough workouts... which I really like!" April 2018
"These meditation sessions are really helping me more than I thought it would." October 2020

"It's amazing how creative I become after the meditation morning sessions! I have so much energy." April 2018


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