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Virtual Classroom


Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor 
Studio Owner - Certified Personal Trainer
Reiki Certified Practitioner -  Meditation Coach

Welcome to the Virtual Classroom. Offering online virtual instruction of the Pilates Method in both private & semi-private sessions, Meditation sessions & classes & hosts of Wellness events.


The Virtual Classroom hosts a full schedule of live group instruction classes for all levels. She offers private pilates instruction both in studio & in her online Virtual Classroom. The in-studio sessions are held in the new studio space now located in Elmhurst, IL. 

Chrissy Sahlas possesses over 18 years of industry experience in the fitness & wellness industries. In addition to her Comprehensive Pilates Certification, she possesses several certifications in fitness, allowing her to strengthen her skillset of notable insight as a teacher. This has fueled her unhindered passion of human physiology, kinetics, & fitness psychology. She believes a fit mind and body is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. 

She created the Virtual Classroom piece back in 2016 as an online platform for her clientele that she trained in her studio & coached with meditation since 2012. Her mission for offering her fitness classes virtually was to provide a means for her clients to keep present with their pilates mat work at home. The Virtual Classroom has now expanded to a full schedule of both private sessions & classes, as well as her meditation classes & wellness events!

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